Let the Fun Begin!!!

Clearly I’m a liar and I can’t spell.

Had my appointment today and everything is a go. I will start my injections of Delestrogen tonight. BUT! Because I didn’t look closely at my calendar the last time we did this I told u all the wrong date for my transfer. The transfer officially will be on January 21st!

And, incase you aren’t on FB… I just figured out that I spelled Taryn’s name wrong on our Christmas card! Awesome! No???

I’m actually afraid that if I should get pregnant again…I will officially be brain dead. Pregnancy brain is not a joke my friends! It is real and the aftermath is scary!

I just did my 1st injection of this cycle! I thought I might hesitate a bit and it would be hard for me to do the 1st shot…but it was like riding a bike, no big deal! Ask me again a few months down the road if I feel the same way. 😉

I tried to shoot a video tonight of me giving myself a shot. Was completely unsuccessful. I will have Ben man the camera the next time so you all will be able to see what I’m doing instead of looking at nothing while I’m talking.


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