FET #2 Update

Week #2 January 4th

This, machine pictured to the left…This is an ultrasound machine.  Can you see the wand?  🙂  I have had waaaayyyy to much “face” time with this machine! 

Today I had my weekly appointment for a wanding and blood draw.  Again the purpose of the wanding in my case is to check the thickness of my uterine lining and make sure my ovaries are resting and not getting ready to ovulate.  The ovaries are resting nicely.  Which is why I am at a fertility clinic…they rest so deeply they are practically dead. 

My lining is looking great!  They want the thickness to be between 8-12 mm.  I am currently at 8.7 mm!  Something to note:  Last time we did this right before the transfer my lining was only a thickness of 7.4…which makes me wonder?  If that had anything to do w/ the preterm labor?  Anyhow 7.4 was kinda on the low side and seeing as how I have only been on estrogen for a week and my lining is thicker than last time this makes me feel good!  And another good thing about my lining is, it is triple striped.  I’m too tired to explain what triple striped is, and all you really need to know is that it is perfect and it’s exactly how many stripes they want to see.  My levels of estrogen from the blood draw were good and I was told to increase my dosage of Delestrogen from 3ml to 3.5ml.

Week # 3 January 11th

Today was another weekly visit to my doctor for a wanding and blood draw.  My lining is perfection!  Yea!  It is 10mm and triple stripe!  Our transfer day has been moved up!  It will be next Tuesday the 18th!  I am quite excited and so glad I don’t have wait till next Friday any more for the transfer.  The sooner the transfer the sooner I will know if I’m pregnant again.  Which means the sooner I can start worrying about other things.  🙂 

In the Infertility community when you are going through IVF or you are doing and FET, (Which by the way means Frozen Embryo Transfer) when you go in for the transfer from that point on till you have your blood test to verify pregnancy you are considered PUPO.  Pregnant Untill Proven Otherwise  So, for a short 2 weeks I get to consider myself pregnant!  We figure this because the doctors are transferring an embryo, (which is a fertilized egg) to you.  And technically, because we all like to think optimistically, we are pregnant for a few hours at the very least.

Anyhow, I am not going to tell you the exact date when we go in for our blood test to verify pregnancy.  But, I will tell you that once the transfer happens I am like every other women who has to endure the 2WW.  The 2 Week Wait is how long you have wait to find out if you are pregnant.  So, if you do the math you will know the general time I will find out.  I will tell you once we know, but I want to make sure we have some time alone to digest whatever the results are.

I am warning you.  If the test comes back positive…there is still a VERY high chance the pregnancy could not stick.  Typically a newly pregnant woman would not tell anyone except close family or friends till they are 12 weeks along!  And that is for very good reason as many pregnancy’s end during that time.  So just to prepare you…the result could be positive but it doesn’t mean we are out the woods, and I can assume I am going to deliver a baby in 9 months.  I am not being negative…just honest.

Anyhow, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as our transfer day is getting closer!  🙂

Abby update:  She is doing better RSV wise, but ended up with an ear infection too.  😦  Please keep her in your prayers as well.


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  1. Wow, modern medicine is wonderful – it is helping you to have the baby that you, Ben, and God have already created!! It is amazing and holy and indescribable!!! I will be praying and also asking Taryn to pray for all of you too and for her sibling! Love you both!!


  2. Thanks for the prayers. Right back at ya! I’ve been thinking of you a lot. It was good to see you today, and I am so thankful to be on the outskirts of this journey with you. Sending Baby Dust your way!


  3. Good Luck!!! I have seen that exact room, and that exact
    wand has probably been in me too!!! haha…kinda weird, but true! I
    will be having good thoughts for you!!!


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