On being a couch potato

This is our baby.

Yesterday went perfectly. I had my acupuncture before and after the transfer, and the transfer was text book. Our embryo thawed at 100% and is still a grade A.

Now it’s all about laying around and resting. It is such a weird feeling. The clinic wants you to rest in a reclining position for the majority of the time which is supposed to be for 3 days. Now. You all know how dedicated I am to bed rest. However, this is more like be a major couch potato. No standing and cooking, no chores, I can shower and fix myself snacks. But everything in my being is back to being overly protective of my body. I feel guilty for using the bathroom, or sitting up too high, using my stomach muscles to turn or standing for that matter. It is a very weird psychological struggle. In ways I’d like to go back to room 221. Such silliness, I know. But it’s just proof how much the human body is a creature of habit, and why we do silly things based on our past experiences. Which is the very reason I had a massage the night before transfer and acupuncture the day of. Because that is what I did last time…and last time it worked! But! The last time I was annoyed with the 3 days of rest…this time it’s a cake walk, enjoyable actually! :). And this time with a much better TV to watch!


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  1. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! Such remarkable similarities to his/her parents! lol – the creation of life is a beautiful thing! Wow!!


    1. Last night I had a dream that I went in for an ultrasound and they were able to see the baby not only with 3D but with color! It was like looking at a real picture. The baby had brown hair, and looked like Taryn, but I couldn’t see if it was a boy or girl. 🙂


  2. the couch thing sounds good as long as no paper work is involved – I’ve always got paperwork! Stay still my daughter and grow us a sweet baby to hold! Love you so…..


    1. Well I have a big couch now. You could come over w/ ur electric blanket and nap with me. That way u can’t hear the paperwork calling your name! 🙂


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