Balloons, Bubbles, Birthday Cards, & Cake

I love balloons! There is something so happy, carefree, and magical about them. When I was a kid, I always wanted a balloon from every store we went that offered them. There was this one time when my mom and I were at Toys R Us. She bought me this larger than normal balloon. We were on our way out of the store, and some how it got stuck behind the automatic door. I remember being SO upset because just as the door would close I would try and retrieve the balloon, I’d step in front of the sensor and the door would open back up and squish my poor balloon. I am quite sure I stood there crying hysterically. Finally my mom rescued the balloon, and we all went home, crisis averted. Usually when we’d get home at some point in the evening after dinner, we would always play balloon volleyball. My parents would sit and watch tv and tap the balloon up in the air to me, and I’d tap it back to them

My aunt used to watch me when I was little. She always had a stash of these wonderful marbled balloons. I was fascinated by them.

I also love Hot Air Balloons! I have never seen one in person, but I love looking at pictures of them. When I was little I am sure my love affair started when i first noticed the pictures on the side of the Dixie paper cups. We would use these cups when we went camping, and I LOVED looking at the balloons printed on the sides of the cups. I don’t think I could ever go on a hot air balloon ride, but I would sure love to be there as they all took off.

Every year my mom’s side of the family goes to Ventura to celebrate Father’s Day & my Grandpa’s Birthday. We would go to this park right on the oceans edge. It has slight green grassy rolling hills and it was always breezy. My Grandpa would bring a big bottle of bubbles, a large pan, and a large bubble hoop. He would dip the hoop in the bubbles, and hold it up and all of us cousins would run around crazy and try and catch the bubbles. At the end of the day you would be sticky from the salt of the ocean, soap from the bubbles, and marshmallow from the s’mores.

Today, was my Birthday. The best part of my day?…was reading this part of a card my husband gave me. (note the cute hearts he hand draws)

He bought me a card that says I’m a good Mother. :). It made me cry.

We went to church with my parents and Ben’s. Afterwards, we went to dinner, and had cake.

My birthday cake tradition has turned into this lovely bit of deliciousness from

And this is my cake…choc cake, w/ choc whipped cream frosting and filling, w/ choc shavings on the outside…Mmmmmm


3 Replies to “Balloons, Bubbles, Birthday Cards, & Cake”

  1. I never knew you loved balloons!!!! I learned something about you today ;).

    And that card made me get all choaked up … I wonder if he sat in the store looking at it and thinking ” oh she is going to loose it ” because that’s what I do lol ( when I buy cards … And then follow through with sending them )

    Hope you had a great day wish I could have been there


  2. Happy Birthday beautiful friend! By the way, Portos is my favorite! I especially love their Cuban sandwiches!


  3. When my daughter was three, we went to the balloon festival in New Mexico and stayed with my cousin. It turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences that I have ever had, much to my surprise. It really is a different experience being there, and if you love balloons, you will never, ever forget it. I pray that you will be able to go there, with your family, and be awed. Since you love balloons, you will really appreciate them, especially the special shapes types. Glad you had a wonderful birthday. I know that your parents were glad that you were born, and so are we. Blessings to you all.


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