Questions from YOU & Answers from ME

In light of passing time while we wait I thought I’d do something a bit different.

Everyday, I check in on my blog and everyday I see how many people have done the same. Now, I completely understand that you probably feel weird leaving a comment, or you don’t have one, or you think I don’t care what you have to say, or you think it’s my personal space and by leaving a comment it means your are intruding. (I’m just picking a few of the reasons why I personally never leave comments on other blogger’s posts.). And every day I see that 50-100 people have looked at my blog.

So. I am giving you the reader an opportunity to participate in my blog. I have changed the settings in the comments section and you may now leave your comment anonymously. I want you to participate in my blog it is more fun that way!

Here is your opportunity: Ask me anything! I am sure there were/are things you don’t understand about this process, or why we don’t adopt, or why did I start this blog or why I don’t own a dog and have 2 cats, or is that my real hair color, or….. Go for it ask me anything!

Here are the rules: Please be respectful, don’t be crude, and know that I will not answer inappropriate questions.

How does this work?
You leave your question in the comments section under this post, and I will reply to all the questions in a new post in a few days.

Can I leave my question anonymously? Yup!

Will you answer any question? Well, as long as the question is in good taste I will. I reserve the right to not answer inappropriate questions.

I left my question but it isn’t showing up. That is because I usually have to approve all comments before they are posted in the comments section. (I am not 100% sure this is the case anymore though as I have changed some or the settings.)

How long will you leave this Q & A open? I will leave it open for a few days. When I decide to close it down I will let you know and also close the comments.


7 Replies to “Questions from YOU & Answers from ME”

  1. Hi. I can never state serious no matter the situation, so I fall back on being a smart ass. So, what color is your hair naturally? No, I really don’t care actually. The truth is, there’s a lot of women that don’t even know.
    On a more serious note, I feel as if I understand why you would rather have your own child rather then adoption. I fear that someday I may never even have the option that you and Ben have. I love you guys and hope and pray for the best. Goodluck cousin. P.s. can Ben go to Anaheim supercross in less then two weeks? 😉 (that’s my only real question.)


  2. I guess you could say I am a lurker! I became aware of your blog & personal story from a post you made on Baby Bump. I check your blog almost every day, now. I don’t really have any questions. I just want to say that I pray for your healing and sincerely hope that this time, everything works as planned and at the end, you are able to bring Taryn’s baby brother or sister into this world with no complications. Good luck & God bless!


  3. It’s not that I am worried about asking questions, I don’t really have any. I guess I live through you as I do others because I never got to be a “mom” I see your struggles and relate to them in other ways. I feel your heartaches, and I feel your joys and it makes me feel normal to an extent. My heart is with you through all of this even when I am quiet and say nothing.


  4. always thought it must be a weird phenomenon that we (your readers) know you so well as far as your struggles and heartaches etc, but you don’t necessarily know us in the same way. Whenever I see you I almost feel as though we are very close friends, yet you probably still view me as an acquaintance. Just an interesting observation…


  5. Hey, I havent gone through your whole blog, so maybe you’ve answered this one previously, but did you ever have a problem with elevated FSH and estriole (sp?) levels? Is this generally as bad as they make it out to be?
    Thank you for sharing your journeys with us. My friend Jennifer Francis reccomended your blog to me =)


    1. Hi. I have had no experience with either of them so I couldn’t answer from a personal point of view. But, I do know it isn’t the best infertility problem to have. My recommendation would be to work with a fertility clinic where the doctors are reproductive endocrinologists (RE). Which might already be doing. You can try the route of IVF, but because you might not produce many eggs, you might have do multiple cycles before one is effective. Hopefully not though. It only takes one embryo…we transferred one this last time and I’m preg!

      If u have any questions, or need a referral to an RE feel free to email me:


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