Education vs Experience

Ok, lets discuss.  The President’s state of the Union Speech… Upon listening to this speech something stood out to me.  I want to know what you think.
The President talked much about the future of this country is education.   Let me state my opinion on education.
It HAS become vital to succeed in this country that you follow through with your schooling and obtain a degree.  I think education is important.  I think that for our FUTURE we must have our kids, teens, and young adults follow through and obtain their degree.  Going to school and getting your degree will be mandatory in our home.  Both my husband and I did not do this.
I don’t care what they say we are STILL in a recession.  There are way too many people out of work and way too many businesses suffering because they just cannot survive this hard time.  How do we (Americans) help the millions of workers out of work, who have no degree, obtain work.  My husband is 42, when he graduated it wasn’t as big of deal to go to college and get your degree.  And what about the generations before him?  Many of the men were encouraged to go out get their hands dirty and bring in a pay check.  If they started at the bottom in their trade, and worked hard, they would be rewarded w/ increased wages and a higher position in the company.  My life is surrounded by many men who are highly skilled intelligent men in their field.  But, should they fall out of work, their 20+ years of experience mean nothing to a potential employer, as that employer would typically rather higher someone with a degree.
I don’t think the population of people who have been successful contributors to society and skilled in a trade should be penalized because of this new standard that education is king.  Take for instance, you are applying for a new job where you have 20+ years of experience and you can run circles around another applicant who is fresh out of college. There is no reason the skilled experienced worker’s application should be denied simply because he doesn’t carry a degree.  Their years of experience have to count for something.

What are we (Americans) doing to help these talented out of work people?  Please don’t say it is as simple as going to school to get your degree.  Getting your degree takes time and money and for an out of work person this is just not always an option.
Remember I am not talking about the 20-somethings who can’t find a job.  I am talking about our Aunt’s & Uncles & Parents & in some cases Grandparents who have worked hard at their trade for years, and now either they are out of work, or the industry they are in is slow and their company is in danger of closing or they are contemplating laying off the employees.
Remember education wasn’t as important back then.  It wasn’t king.
So!  Let’s talk about this!  You can leave your comment anonymously now!
How do we help these people?
What is the solution?


5 Replies to “Education vs Experience”

  1. Solution….change the way our government has out sorced everything we buy. We need US busineses to start manufacturing here in this country. Quit buying from the chicoms, india and all thoes 3rd world countrys. Close the border get rid of NAFTA. Penilize US companys like GE,GM,FORD and other large corporations for manufacturing out of the US.

    Plan and simple we don’t make anything any more…it’s part of “THEIR” plan.


  2. My husband is in construction and has 25+ years of hands on experience. Nope, he didn’t go to college, he worked his way up from carpenter to experienced home building superintendent. He never missed work and was hard working. And he’s been out of a job for 18 months. 18. Can’t find a job to save his life. I don’t know what the answer is, I only know this: It sucks. And there are so many out there like him.


  3. According to science of economics, there are many forms of unemployment. When country (US in our case) went from production to service economy, Structural unemployment bound to occur. As hard as it is, world is different now, and while we debate about whether or not invest in education, kids in China spent twice as much time studying as US kids and in many US college majority of Ph.D students are from outside US.
    For those that left behind by this shift, create re-training programs. Times when person could learn one skill and survive on it whole life are long gone. I am on my early 30s, work for Huge multi-national corp and after 4 years of doing one job, I am looking for opportunity to switch it up and learn another skill. This is the only way not only to advance, but to be SAFE/


    1. I don’t believe going to college is necessarily a good thing. Some people do very well without going
      to college. You cannot force a child or person to
      attend college. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer
      (god forbid) or pharmacist. College students don’t
      are mostly brain washed by liberal teachers. So watch out what you wish for. I could go on and on,
      but I will stop here


  4. Not everyone is “meant to go to ” college”I’am happy
    mine never did or wanted to. My son does very well
    and so does my husband and they never attended “college” What you need is the want to get up
    and go and do something, you can figure it out. My family is doing what they always loved to do and thats
    how you succeed.


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