9 Weeks!

Sorry I haven’t posted much. I have been so incredibly sick that all I’ve been doing is laying around in my PJs sleeping, which doesn’t exactly produce exciting things to talk about.

I’m 9 weeks!!!!!!!

Here is a recap of what’s been going on.

February 11th – 1st ultrasound everything looks perfect.

February 21st – Ultrasound and listened to the heart beat for the first time. The baby’s heart beat was 135 bpm.

March 2nd – Ultrasound and listened to the heart beat. The baby’s heart beat was 180bpm. We were also released from our fertility Dr to our OB! Yea we graduated!!! I have 8 more days of my estrogen and progesterone injects!!!! Woohoo! My hips are so darn angry. They are much more sore this time and a lot more swollen and hard. I can hardly wait for March 10th that will be my last shot!

Mid last week I finally broke down and called my dr because I was really concerned with how sick I was and the lack of fluids and nutrition I was taking in. With Taryn I kept my appetite and just threw everything up. With this baby nothing looks good and I haven’t been able to stomach anything. So, the Dr added a new nausea medication and told me that I have to sip Gatorade all day and drink Ensure. The combo has worked pretty well, and I’m at least able to eat and drink now. So I avoided having to go in and get IV fluids and stuff. The last 2 days have been wonderful! I’ve had a huge appetite which means I’m able to eat and drink, and I finally was able to put on regular clothes and leave the house!!!

I have my 1st appointment with my OB Dr. P on March 11. I will getting my cervical cerclage placed when I’m 12 weeks along…3 more weeks. I’ll do a more detailed post about that soon to explain the procedure, and why we are doing it.

Everything is moving along nicely and there haven’t been any concerns so far. Here is a picture of the little munchkin.


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