So In Love

Let me set the scene.

It’s 4:50pm…I’m on the 405 N about to merge onto the 118 W…traffic is thick…driving about 15-20 mph…

So I’m in my car driving along thinking about how much I love my husband. Excited about our 2 yr anniversary coming up on Sunday, and then going to Cancun in a week for a week, just the two of us. All of a sudden, the song Amazed, by Lonestar comes on the radio, and the moment couldnt have been more perfect, as this was the song we danced to at our Wedding.

So I signal because I need to change lanes to get on the 118. The man behind me waves me over. I keep listening to my song as the butterflies in my stomach grow bigger the longer I think about how wonderful my husband is. I get on the 118 W and the guy who waved me over into his lane, eventually moved over to the lane next mine as he was going east. We were driving side by side for a few seconds, and then I noticed it! HE WAS CHECKING ME OUT!

I have never experienced drive-by flirting!

As his car drove past and away from mine he waved.

And friends let me tell you…I was so excited. And not because a stranger was flirting with me. But, because I was on my way home to the most amazing husband ever, who was waiting to give me a hug and a kiss hello.

It’s in these moments when I hear God confirming my thoughts. He was agreeing with me that I have the best and most perfect partner. No one else could stand by me, take care of me, or love me like he does. I truly have a wonderful man to walk by my side through anything life throws our way.

I just love you so much Babe…you are the bestest.


6 Replies to “So In Love”

  1. You did a good job – or should I say Auntie Vicki was right on when she said, “have I got the perfect guy for you!”


  2. We are so proud of you Jannelle you have been a blessing to Ben & have blessed us too. Christ our Lord dwells In you his Love beams out of you and He will meet all your needs. Happy Anniversary! #2 We Love you both so much xxoo Mom&Dad “O”


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