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(The view from our villa)


I think it was either the night of or the night after we found out I had miscarried, that we decided we had “earned” a trip to Cancun. Ben had purchased our timeshare the year before we got married, (lucky me!) we got engaged here, and we spent our honeymoon here. This is a place where time stops and relaxation takes on a whole new meaning. It is the one vacation spot where Ben can truly de-stress and not feel the weight of responsibility for a whole week. When you arrive at the resort the first thing they say is, “Welcome Home”! And, we really do consider this our second home.

This week is our reset button. We are so looking forward to reconnecting as a husband and wife who are focused on nothing more than loving each other and having fun. Actually, this is our start of a summers worth of that mindset. We know we will try again for another baby, but we also know we are ready for a little “us” time. And, my body is worn out and I need a serious break to get healthy. (aka back in shape) We also know that in order for us to be emotionally in it 100%, because anything less just wouldn’t do, we need to give our hearts time to heal.

The week leading up to this vacation was terrible. It was a prime example of how satan tries to rob us of our joy. Ben, ended up sitting at the dentist almost everyday throughout the week trying to take care of a cracked tooth which ultimately ended with him getting a crown and a root canal. On Tuesday I landed myself in the ER for a few hrs sucking down two bags of IV fluids because I couldn’t stop vomiting for an hour straight. The diagnosis, the flu. The night before we left, we ordered pizza for dinner. 2 hrs later I found myself again laying on the floor of my shower vomiting for an hour and a half. Poor Ben, was so concerned and felt so helpless he stayed next to me and prayed over me. I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized these episodes were not because of the flu, they are dairy related. Not sure if it is a severe lactose intolerance or allergy to dairy. (One more thing to add to my growing list of things wrong with my body.). I could continue to list all the other things that happened during the week, but my point is satan will capitalize on any moment in our lives especially when he thinks he can get us in a big way. We kept thanking the Lord all week that we had a wonderful vacation to look forward to. And, here we are, in Cancun proving to satan that we are not his, and he does not have a hold on us.

Thank you everyone for all your love, support, and prayers. We are truly, truly blessed to have the support system we have and couldn’t get through this life without each one of you. We are so looking forward to this spring and summer season spending time with everyone and being able to celebrate the little things in life that can often times bring the greatest joys.


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  1. What a wonderful place to regroup and reconnect. Enjoy the peace of nature to bring you peace. Love you both


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