I went to see where my baby’s body lays today.

It was the first time I’ve been there since the memorial.

After being there and seeing no stone to represent her amazing life, I’ve finally come to a place of acknowledgment that it is time to do it. It’s time to put the final piece down, that makes it real. That her bones are are still laying in a plastic box, but this time it isn’t a clear box in a hospital, it is in the ground.

It is real. She has passed. She is in heaven, healthy, and whole, and I truly truly long to be with her.

I told Ben that my family is going to heaven, and i’m ready for the Lord to come and take us all home. I truly have more waiting for me in heaven than I could ever ever dream of having here on earth. Even before Taryn was conceived.

After we left Taryn, we stopped by Ben’s Grandfather, Brother, and Sister’s bodies. Our family truly has soo much more to look forward to in heaven than on earth.

If you are saved we all do really. Even if you’ve never lost anyone.

If you are not saved your eternal life will be one that won’t even compare to your worst imagination of hell. That is what Easter is all about. Christ came back to wash away our pathetic lives filled with sin so we could spend eternity in LITERAL heaven.

Oh how I long for the end of days. May they come soon and he take us swiftly.