Things I’ve learned on a Tuesday in May

1) I would like it if my bestest lived no farther than 10 min away. 5 hrs is just not exceptable any longer!!!

2) Watching your niece (my bestest’s daughter) come into this world and then seeing her on the day of her 1st birthday; smile, give hugs and love, AND walk…is one of those moments of joy that makes you take an extra breath.

3) God is just purely GOOD. And we only catch glimpses of how good he truly is. I think he knows our brains would explode if we knew the extent of his greatness.

4) My husband understands and encourages me to have a girl day with the bestest because he knows how deep it restores my soul.

5) How thankful I am for my husband to be so sensitive, giving, patient, and in-sync with my needs.

6) Having a bestest who is slightly 😉 a better version of myself which is why we get along so well!

7) Being surrounded by Godly people who love you, and care about you. And knowing that this is just the beginning of an eternal relationship with them, since we will all be in heaven together one day.

8.) Sometimes we forget what it feels like to be loved. But getting baby kisses, excuse me! …toddler kisses… reminds you how wonderful and simplistic the feeling really is.

9) Having a bestest you love enough to get up for @ 6 AM!!!!! to watch the little munchkin all day so she can spend the day downtown with her mom and cousin doing fun downtown things!

10) Life ~ It isn’t always so bad, even in the midst of darkness. God is always shining his light through so you can make your way to him.

So, thank you to my bestest, the little munchkin, and the bestest’s mommy for getting me out of a pit I started digging myself into. I think I’ll fill that one in now. 🙂


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