Too Random for a Title to Make Sense

I am proof the Lord never rests. If that were the case, my head would be silent once then moon rose into the sky. My long exhausting conversations with God would never exist and I’d have no issues falling asleep.

But! His door is ALWAYS open so, I take full advantage of it.

And after I’m done talking things over…my head is usually full of something I need to blog about!

A few things have been happening in my life medically speaking that, well, let’s just say have been a pain in the rear. Right before we left for Cancun I was 100% certain that I was allergic to Dairy! Oh goody! So I had 10 pints of blood (just kidding) removed from me to find out what was going on.

1) I am NOT allergic to dairy. AT. ALL.

2) Extremely allergic to 2 cats named Jet and Bella who live with me. Dr suggested I give them up, I asked what wonderful legal drugs were out there that would help my symptoms. OTC allergy pill and nasal spray….and ya know what? I can finally kiss Ben and not get my runny nose all over his face! Yea for Ben!!! And yea for pharmaceuticals!!!!!!

3) I have VERY high triglycerides. What? What the heck are those? Well apparently my gallbladder isn’t working very well. The levels are too high to indicate my diet has caused it. However, my diet hasn’t helped the situation which is why…how shall I say…if I eat a very high in fat meal…which dairy has a lot of it in it…I end up sick. 2 things among many that could have caused the thing to hay-wire are high levels of estrogen….umm…cough…do injections count? And second, HYPOthryroid, specifically Hashimotos disease. Umm yes please I’ll have both! Thanks!!!

4) I should live in a bubble cuz I’m allergic to everything outside. Thank you once again Veramist! Oh how great art thou pharmaceuticals!

So, I have an ultrasound on Tuesday to take a look at the gallbladder. Who knows maybe after that romantic trip to Cancun we’ll see a baby too! Yea right! (being EXTREMELY sarcastic).

I’m hoping that I will be able to manage the gallbladder through diet, instead of removal which causes its own set of issues. Though I wouldn’t mind a little cocktail of Versed and nigh night juice for an hr or so to remove the useless appendage, cuz that combo is always a nice one! (Yea I know anything for sleep..I’m awful)!

(More detail will come in a later post). BUT! The short version of the never-ending story is…. we have finally pieced the puzzle together of why I went into labor early with Taryn! We know why it happened and we know now how to prevent it! BIG, HUGE, SUCCESS!!!!!!

So much so that we aren’t ready to try again just yet, BUT I now have PUPPY FEVER!!!!

Ben does not. šŸ˜¦

Annnd we know who wears the final word pants in this family. And though I’d like to think its me…it is 100% him. Please pray for him….he needs his heart softened. And if he says yes I might start asking for donations for the new little black english lab boy pup! (Cuz that’s what I grew up with, and that’s what our kid is gonna grow up with. I’m almost positive it’s the bestest breed out there. And since I was born a ‘Ninfo’ (Maiden name) and that is all we’ve ever had…that is all my family is in store for!). So if you see a new blog running around titled “The Olmscheid Family Dog Fund” you will know why!

AND!!! AS IF I’D FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March for Babies is only 5, FIVE, days away!!!!!!!!!! Please, if you haven’t donated yet…donate your $5 (or more :))!

Just click here to donate!


Love and kisses! XOXO


2 Replies to “Too Random for a Title to Make Sense”

  1. hey janelle,
    Tell Ben, lab puppies are therapeutic! Trigger has been so awesome…I’ve been laying around with our 8 week old guy and I totally think he is therapeutic! šŸ™‚ Ryan grew up with a black male…we love our yellow girl but I can already tell this black male is going to be something special. Good luck! šŸ™‚ How old is your other lab? So sorry about all the medical issues but so glad you are finding answers. My mom had her gall bladder out 10 years ago. I don’t think she has had many issues r/t it’s removal. Hope all evens out SOON!


    1. He doesn’t doubt that the pup would be perfect for me….he just doesn’t want to clean up after him! Haha


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