Update on: Michelle

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“I know there are many of you who read and follow our journey…many of you read from around the globe at all hours of the day.

I am asking you…each one of you…to pray for my dear Aunt Michele.

She has recently suffered a massive stroke and is currently in critical condition in the Intensive Care unit of her hospital. She’s in surgery now, to relieve the pressure on her brain…

Please pray for miraculous healing of her body.
Please pray for God’s presence and peace to be abundant during this time.Please pray that even though she cannot speak, that her love for the LORD would speak volumes to those who draw near to her to pray over her life.

I don’t know why and I don’t know what will happen…
…but I do know, that I love her…
and I love the God who holds her life in the palm of His hand right now, who knows her inside and out and who SEES her.

Lord, speak to us in the midst of our sadness.
Be near to us now.

In order to bless and encourage my Uncle John and cousins Johnny and Lauren right now, I would love for you to leave your prayer for my Aunt, their wife and mother in the comments below. It’s good to know we are not alone…Oh Lord, hear us as we pray!

UPDATE: May 16th (morning)
After surgery, her vital signs are stabilizing and blood pressure returning to normal!!!
Pray for her journey from here…many outcomes are possible, but only God knows what life will look like for her from this point on…praying for comtinued miraculous healing of her body from this point on!!! More updates to come…

UPDATE: May 16th (evening)
Aunt Michele is currently in a coma with stable vital signs. Doctors have placed a valve near her brain that relieves any pressure that builds up periodically. We praise God for stable vital signs, and ask for continued prayers for my Uncle and cousins as they eagerly wait for any signs of change in their wife and mother. May God’s will be done, and may He draw us all near to Him in the process of waiting…thank you for your prayers! God is working through you all.

Thank you Jesus!!!

UPDATE: May 17th (afternoon)
No changes as of now. She is still in a coma with stable vital signs. Now, we wait…Waiting for the Lord to show us His plan for her life. Lord, show us yourself as we sit poised on the edge of the stage of her life…we want to hear you in these moments more than ever. Speak. We are listening.

I’ll post updates as soon as I get them. In the mean time, read THIS and know, God holds her in his hands.”



I AM ASKING YOU KEEP TO THIS FAMILY AND MICHELLE IN YOUR PRAYERS. Michelle is in her early 40’s and is a mommy. I know this family is really scarred right now, and Michelle truly needs a miracle.

Thank you for keeping them in your prayers!!