Abigail Turned ONE!

June 2, 2010  ~  June 2, 2011
} 2 dates
} One whole year has passed
} Two very different celebrations
} Two different types of tears were cried

June 2, 2010
Abigail Jenifer Francis was born to Anthony & Jenifer
1.8 lbs ~ 12.75 inch ~ 1:30 pm

This little girl has amazed and stumped Drs, Nurses, and respiratory Therapists.  She was born way too early, and yet God allowed us to see his work that takes place in the mothers womb, instead inside a plastic isollette called a Giraffe, in the NICU.

I was looking back through Abby’s pictures and was in awe of how she has grown.  See, I saw this little girl everyday I spent with Taryn.  You aren’t allowed to look at the other babies, but she was 1 month ahead of Taryn and was our inspiration.  Jen had told us anytime we needed to be reassured of what Taryn will be doing in a month, to go peek at Abigail.  And I did.  And every time, I prayed over her.



June 2, 2011
Abigail Jenifer Francis turned ONE!!!!

I can tell you from the moment she was born till 1:30pm today Jen was holding her breath and not realizing it.  And today was the biggest sigh of her life.   As mom’s of micro-preemies we live in a different world than the rest of the parents who deliver an-almost term baby.  They (the NICU team) liken the NICU journey to a roller coaster, but when you spend months there vs days, it isn’t like any roller coaster I’ve ever been on.  The down is like jumping out of plane without a parachute praying for divine intervention.  The up is more like taking a walk along a perfectly flat path that could end at any given moment and then drop off the side of a mountain.  There are other milestones that are big as well, but for some reason, to celebrate the 1st birthday of a micro-preemie who is thriving…well it feels as if you could just fly!

When I pick up a book, I love knowing that the closer I get to the back cover the more I will have learned about the characters.  Once I finish the book I love to try to figure out what the deeper meaning was that the author was trying to get across.  To watch this little girl’s life unfold, is like physically being able to watch God do his work. 

I know God always has a plan, and he choose Jen and Anthony to be Abby’s parents for a reason.  I get excited when I look back on this past year and see how God has moved in this family, and look forward to His future plans for them.

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