Vaca Day 1 – Paso Robles

We went to the California Mid State Fair today in Paso Robles.

I saw these and wanted to buy them for my husband.


I figured he could wear them while he was riding his horse.


They serve EVERY kind of crazy food at the fair!


Yea….that’s a chocolate covered corn dog.

……..With sprinkles. Of course.

They also serve KING sized corn dogs.


Today was cattleman and ranchers day. They had about 15-20 different local wineries set up, and for $25 you could “sample” their beverages till their bottle’s ran dry. Then they herded (is that a word?) you over for a BBQ dinner of Tri-tip, beans, salad, garlic bread, and home made cake.

Needless to say, I felt it was my duty to thoroughly test out ALL the different wines so we could make an informed decision tomorrow of which wineries we should visit. I should have taken notes. I forgot to pay attention to the names of the wineries.


They had this really, really, really too cute fun event for kids 6 yrs or younger. Mutton Bustin.
Mutton Bustin is the littlest kids version of riding a bull or horse. SO STINK’N CUTE!!!!!



We will be selling our house….buying 100’s of acres of property….buying lots of animals…..and planting lots of food….And wearing cowboy hats all the time….and boots…..And my child is gonna be a Mutton Bustin champion.

Aaahhhh… to live a slower “simpler” life.


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  1. Too fun! True story: Ryan’s brother and his wife is living the exact story you mentioned above. 6 months strong and their kids are cowboys. no joke. Mutt’in Bustin is the best country kid event in the world. The first time I saw it, was when I moved up here. True redneck activity. 🙂


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