Prayer for Michael • UPDATED!

I know many of you are coming here to receive updates on Michael’s status.

I apologize but it was decided that this will not be the forum used to provide updates.

Thank you so much for your love and support! Please keep praying for his recovery.


We need your help to…Keep Floyde Entertained!

I, wanted to do something for Mike that would help give him a bit of sanity while he is recovering in the hospital and once he gets home.

And, I would love to include all of you as well!

Please click here to find out more!

I don’t have everyone’s email, so feel free to forward this link, ( to anyone you think would love to support Mike.

Please DO NOT put this on Facebook!!!! It is a surprise!!!!!



9 Replies to “Prayer for Michael • UPDATED!”

  1. What kind of blood does Floyde have? Does he need more? Are the doctors looking for blood donations? Platelets? etc.? Let us know; I’m more than willing to donate blood and such if our types match.


    1. Sarah,

      He has only needed the one transfusion so far. Right now, they are using the blood bank if he should need more. Thank you!


  2. Please tell Floyde and his family that the girls from Dr. Calvo’s office are praying for him. He is a strong man and we truly believe that all healing comes from God. We are all praying for him to recover quickly. He is always cheerful when he comes into the office and makes jokes about everything. We were just recently looking at Kristen’s pix of the wedding and felt so happy for him and his wife. Thank you for all your information.
    Jennifer Olivares


  3. those who don’t know Floyde…but know those who do..and know Christ, have you lifted in prayer! Be strong! Jack Perry


  4. Dear Floyde and his Bride, Just knowing you are down and out makes us realize what we are missing with the void of your laughter, your smile and your company. We are praying you are strengthening at this very moment and that you will back at what you do best, Living, Loving, Laughing and bringing those that you come in contact with feel better about being, because Floyde that is what you do, you make us better than we are ……..Keep on keepin’ on Friend….God be with you and strengthen you and know that you are loved friend.


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