I Heart Google

I said I was going to take the rest of the year off and come January I would start getting serious about researching and starting this adoption process. Well…I am not sure what I was thinking, because once my mind is made up, I never wait! I DO! I guess what I really meant was, I was giving myself permission to not actively do anything adoption related till January so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself. But waiting is way more overwhelming than doing.

The world of Adoption is BIG, and full of variables. When we started with our fertility Dr, I thought all the meds and procedures was a lot to learn. Ha! Then we got into the NICU…and I never thought I’d learn what I did, or understand that world to the extent that I do. So when I say adoption is crazy…Holy Monkey, I mean it! Adoption is crazy. And of course like everything there are different schools of thought and different ways to accomplish the goal. My problem is that it doesn’t matter what I do, I have to research it back and forth, up and down and twice more so that when I do make my decision I am confident I am making it as informed as possible. It’s totally a sickness. More poor husband and Bestest are bombarded on a daily basis with all my new knowledge I’ve gained. Where, was this enthusiasm for learning when I was in school. It really would have come in handy then.

Where has my research gotten us so far? We know that we will be doing a Domestic (in the US) private adoption of a child from birth. That means that we will meet or speak (depending on what state she lives in) with the Birthmother several times before she gives birth. And depending on what she is comfortable with we will either meet our child in the delivery room, or soon after birth in the hospital. I will get that experience of being wheeled out of the Hospital in a wheel chair holding our baby like so many of the women I saw day in and day out. I have been able to weed through a lot of Agencies, Law firms, and Facilitators that we now have a short list! The next step is going through each of our options on the short list with a fine tooth comb and narrowing it down to the one place we will partner with to bring our baby home…finally.

So, on the hunt for more information I go….I must continue to keep the many employees of Google employed.


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  1. I understand your need to “peruse the whole menu”, Janelle! It bodes well for your future family. If I was a corporation, I would hire you: Thorough, and well informed! Your baby will be blessed with such a mother…. Have a blast sorting it all out! And when you are done, you can pay for your child’s college tuition with all the money you make from the book that you will be able to write, should you decide to embark on that project.. (another type of baby…). No lie… that is what a colleague of mine did thirty years ago. In fact, if you are interested, I will find out her book title because it deals with exactly what you are going through, only it will be outdated by now. However, some of the issues are timeless, and she is a bright woman, who is the type to cover all the important issues, including those affecting the psychological aspects for mother and child. Let me know if you want more information… not that you need it! Blessings to you and yours…


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