And Then There was One

On my last post I talked about our short list. Well the short list for right now has quickly turned into 1 Law Firm. Everything I have found and read about them has been glowing. Yes there are small typical minor normal adoption things that happen, but those things are not cause for concern and happen with almost all adoptions. I am still researching the law firm and have been very lucky to connect with a handful of women who have shared their experience in detail, and some of them even willing to speak to me on the phone. This place seems like such a perfect fit for us, that I am desperately trying to find something that would give me reason to seriously consider other options, but again I am not finding anything. It is really scary.

I know, you would think it would be a relief…but I want to make sure that we aren’t still childless with endless failed matches years from now. I want to put ourselves in the best possible and safest position to be matched and home with our child ASAP. Going through fertility treatments is such a gamble, and while adoption doesn’t lead to a child 100% of the time it is the safer bet of the two.

Over the last few weeks, It has become more clear of all the scenarios and things we need to prepare for before we are eligible to adopt, once a match is made, while we are waiting for the birth, and then for six months after we bring our baby home. I am overwhelmed with things to pray for. I am overwhelmed with how to pray for all these things. And I am overwhelmed by the pure logistics of this process and how we are going to make it work.

Next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving we have a meeting set up with the owner, and head lawyer of the firm. We will get to meet the staff, and learn a lot more about them, and how the adoption process will happen.

Can I ask for the thousandth time that you please pray for us?

  • We need God to shine a light so brightly on the right path for us and that we won’t be confused by any other.
  • There is a little bit more research yet that I need to do to get a list of questions together for this meeting, and I am running out of time. I need clarity when creating this list so it will be thorough and I won’t walk away from the meeting kicking myself because I left off something important. (Yes, I can always call and ask my forgotten questions after the meeting)
  • This last week has been a very difficult week for me. I have been filled with so much emotion that I am just drained. I keep having dreams of Taryn, which never happen and in my dreams I am holding her. So when I wake up I just miss her so much. My reserve tank has been depleted, and while I am working to fill it back up its a slow process.
  • And most importantly, that we continue to keep our focus on the Lord through this Journey and seek his guidance. We want nothing more than to honor Him.
  • Thank you! I hope everyone has a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving!!

    ❤ ~J


    4 Replies to “And Then There was One”

    1. Janelle and Ben, Sounds so exciting and our prayers are always with you. May you continue to be filled with promise and expectation. Praise the Lord how he has lifted you above all the difficult times and He will continue to do so. We Love you Jack and Jeanie


    2. I can only imagine the stress and uncertainty as you continue your journey. We are here for you in prayer and in life. Xoxo


    3. You have our prayers, of course… Keep the faith and have a relaxing holiday, Janelle and Ben! Enjoy the season..


    4. The Lord will guide your steps…always. I pray that he would give you clear direction and clarity for his plan! I also pray that the Holy Spirit will fill you up, and sustain you during the days ahead. Know that you are not alone, and many are with you, lifting you up in prayer. I am in awe of your faith, Janelle….keep trusting in him. Blessings Michelle


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