We Have a Winner

Guess what?!?!?!?

Our meeting on Wednesday was awesome!! We met with the owner/head lawyer of the firm and we love everything about their program. He sat with us for 3 hours and explained in detail the process and everything we could expect. There was a moment during the meeting when he had to step away for a few min to take an emergency call, and we both looked at each other a knew right away we were going to sign with them…and that was only one hour into the meeting. We feel that they are going to be able to offer us everything we want, without us making any sacrifices. They work for us which is important because, that means they will not be pressuring us to change our minds or make a decision we aren’t comfortable with.

On our way home from the meeting it was rough. We knew without a shadow of doubt that we would work with this law firm…but we also knew that we wouldn’t be able to start for another 6 months to a year. It was heartbreaking to get so excited and feel so hopeful, and know we had to wait some more. We have been praying that God’s hand is on this whole process, and that he would make a way, somehow for us to become parents.

Well, HE made a way!!!

Next week, we will be signing our contract! NEXT WEEK!!!! Not, 6 months from now…next week!!!! {squeal!!!!} The average wait time to adopt with them is 6-12 months….we could be parents by next Christmas!

About a week and a half-ago, I started feeling this burden to pray for the birth mother. (The biological mother of the child we will adopt). I have no clue who she is, and chances are she is not even pregnant yet. This woman is going to be giving us the most treasured gift we could ever hope for, and she has no idea what lies in her future. I can’t tell the future, but I know there is going to be a woman who is caught off gaurd, and will have to make the desicsion to place her child for adoption, and the least I can do is pray for her.

    To pray…
    …that she receives the news of the pregnancy well and that it would not cause her too much grief.
    …That she is healthy and remains healthy during her pregnancy.
    …That she feels peace in knowing that we are going to love this child unconditionally.
    …That she feels peace in her descion to place.

I have no idea who this woman will be, but through prayer I already feel a connection to her. We both have a long emotional road ahead of us, and I can imagine the pain all to well of what it is like to say good bye to your child. I just pray that my experience will give me the insight and compassion that I will need to come along side of her and reaffirm her decision to choose us as the perfect parents.

Next week will sign our contract and then the fun begins! We will have to have a Homestudy done and then create our Profile. (The profile is basically a booklet that the birthmother receives to look through and learn about us, and if she likes us, she calls the law firm and tells them she would like to select us.). It will take a few to a couple of months to complete the Homestudy, and around a month and a-half to create our profile. (Both can be done simultaneously) Both equate to a lot of writing about our lives. As the process unfolds, I will explain in more detail about each step.

{squealing some more!!}
Can you believe it?! We are going to adopt a baby soon!!!!!!!


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  1. Our Dearest Janelle, you are so articulate, you have said it all. We will be with you all the way and thanking Christ Jesus our Lord for giving you and Ben a level pathway to walk on this journey together. We love you both, mom & dad “o”


  2. Beyond excited and so grateful for all of the blessings that have taken place so you can start this process.! Like you I will continue to keep and lift up in prayer the birth mother. Looking forward to going through this with you two. You are going to be such amazing parents!


  3. I am so happy for you!!! I will be praying for you and the birth parents that all will go well. I am so impressed by the woman you have become!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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