Proof, We Have 2 Cats!


What you are looking at is 2…TWO cats…as in BOTH Jet & Bella laying on my lap at THE SAME TIME!!!

In the last month Jet has learned that laying on my chest up in my neck is comfy.

Bella, is a very independent cat and prefers to stay in our room all day by herself. She doesn’t really like to be touched except when she is in our room. I don’t know what it is, or why she is soo confident in there but it is what it is and we just chalk it up to weirdness.

So, today I was eating some lunch sitting on the couch with the space heater blasting at my feet, thank the Lord it’s finally cold again! Jet decides he needs a cuddle so, after some needing he lays down. Then all of a sudden Bella jumps onto the couch from out of nowhere, walks onto my lap and lays down! She lays down!…like its no big thing. Like she does it all the time!

These events are so news worthy in our house they rank right up there with the adoption, and needed to be posted ASAP. They are SO newsworthy in fact I’m considering contacting the news or maybe our local paper.

It’s the little things people!!