I’m a Working Mom & Wife!!

Oh! Hi!

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything I had to read my own blog to see where I left off last! Well, I started a job in April that God dropped in my lap. So, we have been adjusting to that change and I am definitely NOT adjusting very quickly as Ive been home for the last 2 years. Working and taking care of the hus and the house is taking some time to get used to. I am really not sure how I am going to do it when our baby comes home! Mommy help!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me back up and give you some details about my job…

I started really looking in December for work. Sometime in May, I decided that since I live in a town that has a local newspaper, I should probably start reading it so I could be an informed member of my community. It was around 11:45pm and I got to the back of the paper and noticed a tiny little advertisement. The job description sounded perfect, so I faxed my resume in that Thursday night. The following Monday I received a call from that office asking me to come in for an interview on Thursday. After my interview, they told me they would be calling me by Monday to let me know either way. Well Monday came and went and I figured it wasn’t going to work out. On Wednesday they called and asked me to come in for my 2nd interview on Friday. My interview was @ 10 am and by 11:45 they had called and offered me the job! I was to start the next Tuesday, which was waaayy too perfect as we were having our last meeting with our social worker for our Homestudy on Monday.

I started on Tuesday and received 2 weeks of training which felt luxurious as I am used to being thrown in the fire. During my first week I kept hearing my boss talk to our office manager/owners assistant about praying, and reading her bible. By Thursday I had to know if she was a believer. So I asked, and She said yes she was a believer. I told her that I really felt that finding this job was a “God” thing. I told her how I had happened upon the advert and I had never read that newspaper before. She said she agreed, as there were 4 other people who the owner wanted to look at but, there was something about me that she liked and felt that I was the one for the position. And since I am her assistant, her vote had some weight. These other applicants were way more qualified and have professional experience in this field, but my boss had a connection with me. Come to find out, our small office of 5 including myself are all believers. What a huge blessing!

I love, love, super love my job! I work in an insurance broker’s office selling small group and individual life and health insurance. I do a lot of the servicing, quoting and “assisting” to my boss who actually sells and writes the policies. We are an honest bunch and are highly ethical which is a very welcome change from some of my past jobs. They are very supportive of our adoption, and are really family friendly.

And….on top of all that….I work from 9-3 each day 30 hrs a week, but getting paid full-time wages! I couldn’t have picked something more perfect! I am always amazed at God’s work when I wait on Him and allow Him to work in my life!

Adoption news…
Starting my job and getting used to that has taken some time, and I just haven’t been able to devote as much time to the adoption process as I’d like. Our Homestudy is completed and we are approved. We have taken some new pictures and we have all the picts we need to add to our profile, I just need to get them to the lady who is writing our profile for us. I have given her all the stuff she will need to create the text and design our profile. This weekend she will have our pictures. And once she gets the profile created, we can print it and we will be “on the market”! Meaning, we will just be sitting around waiting for a birthmother to select us. I know God has this all timed out perfectly which is why I am not super stressed that I couldn’t devote all my time to the adoption since starting my job. But, it’s time to get it D. O. N. E.! We want our baby already!

And to top all this good news, my bestest has moved back home with her hus and little girl, Miss E.!!!! It’s been 11ish years since we have lived close to each other and we are LOVING having them right down the street. Miss E calls me “Aunty” and the hus “AuntyBone”. We soo love her! I love watching how excited she gets when she see’s the hus, and how he interacts with her. I can hardly wait to see him with our child. ๐Ÿ˜

Well, thats the latest! Thanks for still coming around and reading!


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  1. Janelle! This is awesome. Congrats on the great job and advancing adoption. Praying you will have your baby soon!!! Love that Christina is nearby now too. Think of you often.


  2. Great news!!! Sounds like the job and work environment is ‘divine.’ Best wishes on the new job and soon to be motherhood.


  3. I am patiently sitting on the edge of my seat! Can hardly wait to hold your child to be! We shall wait upon the Lord as His timing is always perfect!


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