There is an end in Sight!

June 21st! JUNE 21st!!!! That is the day our rough draft of our profile will be ready!!!!

We sent in all the text and pictures to Joanna at Our Chosen Child, (She is the lovely, talented, creative woman whom we have contracted with to create our profile.) on Sunday. She contacted us Monday, we spoke for a bit today… and we are SUPPER excited! She is really excited to get started on our profile! She said that she can really relate to our story, and all the fun stuff we do. So, we are looking forward to seeing the final product!

Once this profile is complete this is the “magazine” that the birth parents will look at to decide which family they would like to place their baby with.

So! Come June 21st we will have a copy of the profile. We will review it/make notes/and add suggestions. The review process could take up to a week – it just depends on how many revisions need to happen. Then, the profile is sent to our Attorney for approval. Once it’s been approved, it is sent to the printer, which takes a couple days and then ships over-night to the Attorney. Once the Attorney gets our profiles, he will look through any of BMs (Birth Mom) that are currently looking to place. If our initial criteria match up, she is given our profile, and then makes her decision who she is going to place her baby with.

So all of this means…we “should” be “on the market” *hopefully* the 1st week of July!!!

We are really really excited!!!! We not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but, the light is getting bigger by the day!!!

Please start praying for the Birthmom/ birth family. She could be pregnant now and is scared and nervous or has no idea what is soon going to happen.
Please pray for peace for her. Pray that once she starts learning about “The husband” and I, that she will find peace and feel confident in her decision. Help her to think clearly and to not feel pressured in any direction. We want God in-control of this matching process. Because His ways are not our own…PRAISE THE LORD!!! AMEN! 🙂

Thanks for hanging in there with us as we keep moving forward on this Journey!


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