Making a Connection

As Christians it’s vital that we know how to connect with God. Since we are all unique and all have different “Love Languages” with people, it’s only natural that we connect with Him in different ways. For me, reading the bible is where I have the least connection with God. To me I feel it’s more like reading a history text book, which it is…than reading HIS words to me. Don’t get me wrong, I go to the bible and read…I just don’t necessarily come away “feeling it”.

For me it is ALL about music. (Christian music) Music is where God gets my attention. I have no doubt that God knows this and uses it to put me at ease, give me hope, teach me humility or puts me in a place of praise. When I listen to music I can give him my undivided attention so I can hear Him.

When I went into labor w/ Taryn one song, that I cannot for the life of me remember played in my head for 24hrs straight. Chris Tomlin’s “Our God” was what was playing in my head the 24+ hrs before/after Taryn passed. And I can’t even begin to share all the other songs that the Lord placed on my heart and filled my head with over the last 2 years that brought me comfort through some really rough times.

It’s no wonder that when I got in my car this morning, and turned on Pandora I was able to see the common thread of all the songs that played. {I love having access to Gods personal playlist for my life!. ~And, yes…I do believe He cares about the tiniest details so much so, that He would put together a playlist just for me!! }. They were all about having hope in God’s plan for our life…that He is big enough to take care of everything…if we just let Him!!

Since we submitted our profile to our attorney in July, I have been really stressed about many things.
…Is our profile pretty enough
…Are we nice enough looking
…Did we pick the right clothes to wear for our pictures
…Did we say the right things
…Did we describe ourselves well enough
…Is our home nice enough for someone to want their child to live in it
…Will this person hate cats & we have 2
…Will they understand how devoted we will be to their child
…Do we sound too desperate for a child
…Can they tell how badly we want to a child
…Are there plenty of Birth moms that our Attorney works with that match our criteria
…Should we use additional methods of advertising to reach more Birth moms
…Is our criteria too strict

And really the list goes on & on!!!! And what I was able to hear from God this morning was Him saying “I’ve got this! You are NOT going to be perfect for thousands of women out there…you are going to be perfect for the baby I have already chosen for you!” I took a deep breath in, blew it out and said, “Lord YOU are so right! I always try to do things on my own…and then I become overwhelmed, and discouraged.”

We need to keep “plugged in” to Him. However and whatever keeps you connected, make it happen! He has huge shoulders and can carry way more than we can. He wants to connect to us but we always manage to stand in the way! And, it seems…things always work better when He is control and we are not! —Weird how that works!! :). So, this evening as I am getting ready to fall asleep I can do so confidently knowing He has it all under control.
Ask me tomorrow if I will need ANOTHER dose of worship music to get my thinking back on track!…chances are I will say YES!!

PS…this is a particular realization that happens on a very regular basis for me…it wouldn’t be shocking that I wake up tomorrow forgetting all of this and will have to start from square one again! Thank goodness He is FULL of grace…and there’s lots of music to listen to! 🙂

How do you connect with Him?


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  1. You continue to make me so proud of the daughter we have raised. Your faith in the Lord is so much more rewarding then anything “earthly ” that you have or can accomplish. This child that will be just perfect for you is waiting to grow healthy and strong so he/she can enter this world and join your family. I CAN HARDLY WAIT! But all in God’s timing! Love you so much.


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