8 More Weeks!

We have 8 weeks left! Last week the Dr. Moved “A’s” due date up by one week…to Thanksgiving Day!!! It could be a Hospital Thanksgiving dinner for us! It’s weird to think that it was just last year’s Thanksgiving when we learned that we could start the Adoption process – the Lord’s plans never cease to amaze amuse me!

I talk frequently with A, and the more and more we chat the more we discover the parallels of our family’s histories, and the similarities in what we want for our children. (She has 2 children she is parenting already). Again – we are amazed and grateful of the grace the Lord has given us and how perfectly He has organized everything. It is so uncanny the way things have worked out for us that it can only be the work of our Lord

A is getting bigger and bigger by the week, and feeling more and more pregnant. She delivered her other 2 children around the same gestational week I delivered our daughter. (That was one of the reasons she picked us, we both delivered micro-preemies. That and she saw the husband’s smile and thought he looked like such a nice guy!). She has never experienced being pregnant at 31 weeks and this is when it starts to get rough and uncomfortable. So we just keep praying for her physical comfort and that she does go full-term as there is that possibility for an early delivery though, the Dr. doesn’t feel she will deliver early this time. She hasn’t changed her mind about her decision, if anything she feels more relieved and sure of it since getting to know us better.

We have started planning and buying the few things we will need immediately. We have all the clothes for the first few weeks, my mom is getting the bassinet ready for us, (my cousin, me, and my brother all used the same one) we have diapers, bottles, a diaper bag, and borrowing a car-seat till we get ours. We are planning to do a meet our little man / baby shower in January!
We cleared out the nursery and will be adding storage to the closet – thank you to my handy husband! We primed the room Saturday, and one of the walls needs another coat of primer as the room had 3 pink walls and one dark brown wall. Sometime this week will finish the priming and get started on painting.

The room is going to be grey and we are going to do this stripe at the top. But, where the red is will be blue, and where the blue is will be grey…20120924-233214.jpg

We have picked the crib bedding… 20120924-233506.jpg

This is the crib we decided on in black…


And…there are a million other things a few more things we need to do before he arrives! I clean when I have excess nervous energy. So things like washing all the drapes, cleaning all the carpets moving furniture and vacuuming behind it. And reorganizing the guest bedroom so that Grammy and Nanna have a nice place to stay and somewhere to put their things. {Have we settled on that name Mom? I think it’s sweeter than just plain Grandma πŸ™‚ }

Anyhow, that’s what’s been going on with us! There are so many other details but, most of the ones that are up in the air will remain that way ’till she delivers and gets released from the hospital.
Please continue to pray for peace, comfort and excitement for us! Pray for A that she is able to have physical comfort the rest of her pregnancy. And pray for peace and comfort for her as well. And lastly she is nervous that everything is going ok with the pregnancy, because she delivered early last time – Her Dr. isn’t doing the greatest job of calming her fears and answering her questions. My heart goes out to her because I understand those fears. Nothing is worse than being pregnant with the big black cloud of “Am I going to deliver early like last time!??” that hangs over your head. We want this baby to go full term, and so does she!

Thank you for the continued support!!! I really can’t fathom what it will feel like to be able to start talking about OUR SON, on HERE!!! On. This.

    Fertility Blog

…that has turned into

    An Adoption Blog

,,,and next on the list…a Mommy Blog!
Whoopee!!!!!! πŸ™‚


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  1. I am glad to hear that you all are buying things for your baby! I must confess… I already bought something for him, too, a few weeks ago…! Couldn’t wait…!


  2. We are so excited for you! So many things to be grateful for!!! I Love the decorating choices you have made. Very masculine “all boy” Prayers of His Peace and health continue…Love J&J Bucey


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