Our First Meeting

Oh look! It’s Friday, and I promised I would give you an update last Sunday. I really shouldn’t do that since my writing is based on how I creative I am feeling. Tonight I am lacking the creativity so the update will be….boring….

We drove 3 hrs north on the 99 Friday and spent the night in a hotel. A hotel where 2 bus loads of high schoolers were dropped off to “sleep”. It was a rough night to say the least. We got up early and drove another 2.5 hrs north to meet “A” and the Birth Father and their boys. Also, “A’s” mom came to meet us too. We had lunch, and then the Hus, me, ‘A’ and her mom all drove over to the ultrasound facility to get a sneak peak of the little man. This ultrasound facility is strictly a place you go for fun to see your baby in 3d/4d ultrasound. They are not doctors and can not diagnose anything.

Well the little Mr. was sleeEEEPing!!! He did not want to move into a better position. And actually we tried to get him to move so he did….he turned his back to us! We did get some really cute pictures though. He likes to sleep all day and around 9 or 10 in the evening just as “A” is settling down, he starts waking up and moving like crazy! After the ultrasound we went to Starbucks and sat outside for a couple of hrs, just talking and sharing.

After we were done chatting, we parted ways and headed back down south to our hotel where we stayed one more night in a not very quite and relaxing room, no thanks to the 2 bus loads of kids who were there for a 2nd night too.

So, it was a great trip! It was nice to meet everyone before the big day and to get to know them better in-person.

Here is a picture of Luke! His face looks all smushed up because he was pressing his face against her side. (It was like if we were to push our face against a piece of glass.)



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  1. Sounds like everything is flowing well. Wont be long before you see this little one out of the womb. Thanks for sharing his picture, he looks like a healthy little one,
    and so many are ready to Love him! We Love you Ben and Janelle. J&J


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