Counting Down!

Lots of things to share!

} Next week when “A” goes in for her weekly Dr. appointment they are going to do an ultrasound to check and see how big Luke is. If he is 9lbs they will be scheduling a c-section. SO, it’s quite possible that Luke will be here the week of November 12th! If he is not that big…then only time will tell when he will decide he his ready – his due date is November 22nd.

} The painting in Luke’s room is complete! We painted the walls a light grey, and the trim a bright white. The ceiling is the same grey we used on the walls just 75% lighter. We then added white & blue stripes on the walls using a laser level! Here are some pictures.








} All the furniture will be delivered Tomorrow!! I am so excited! I can hardly wait to get it all set-up in the room!

} All the blankets and clothes are washed and ready to be put away! Our stroller should be here in a week or so and then we are ready! Once we get the furniture in and drapes up, I will be able to visualize better how to decorate the room with all the little accents.

} And last but not least…cuz I'm that crazy lady…I am trying to induce lactation. Meaning, I really want to be able to breast feed. So, I started taking birth control and another medication to get "the girls" prepared. Yesterday I stopped taking the BC, started pumping and taking a handful of herbs that are known to help with milk production. On my 2nd session I got a few drops!! So far I probably have gotten about 10 ml of breast milk, which is very encouraging considering you usually don't start getting anything for a couple of weeks. We shall see how successful I am, I'm hoping to be able to exclusively breast feed but, when you induce lactation it is typical that you don't produce the same amount that you would have had you been pregnant. So, supplementing with formula might be inevitable.

Anyhow, that is what we are up too!


3 Replies to “Counting Down!”

  1. Amazing! We are so proud of you two! The room looks wonderful, so clean and fresh looking. Janelle keep up the good work on the breast feeding for you are doing a great job preparing. Exciting!!!!! Love J&J


  2. Luke’s room is looking great–love the stripes!!! I am so happy that you are preparing to breast feed, I will pray for your success.


  3. Beautiful room for terrific people to raise a little boy! Good for you, in terms of the breast-feeding, Janelle! You go! We are so pleased for you, Ben and little Luke…


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