Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

I am dying!  We received ultrasound news yesterday from A about Luke!  He is doing wonderfully, has a great strong heart beat and is very healthy!  The big question of the day was “How much does the munchkin weigh?”  Poor A is all belly and everyone, even the doctor thought he was going to be a big baby.  They were telling her that she was probably going to have to have a c-section if he was 9 lbs.  Well…he is just a little peanut!!  He is 6 lbs 13 oz right now.  (As best as they can tell)  A has 21 days left – she is 37.1 weeks!

So, it’s a regular delivery for A which I am happy about because she was so afraid of having a c-section, and really wants to try to not do an epidural during the delivery!  (LOL I told her she was crazy!  But more power to her!  It hurt so bad pushing a 1 lb 4 oz baby I can’t imagine pushing a full term 7 lb baby!!!)

She has her weekly Doctor appointment tomorrow in the morning, so we will get more info about the ultrasound, and I am sure he is going to see if her body has made any more progress.  I totally assumed that we were in for a c-section so I had a date stuck in my head of when they were going to be doing it!  NOW…I have to wait like every other person does!!!

I have on some level become good at being patient.  But I just discovered my patience is only great when it’s a stressful situation. 🙂 Right now I am like a 5-year-old who has just been told they are going to Disneyland in a week!  I cannot relax!!!  Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy my “last” moments with my husband and to enjoy the peace and quiet and sleep!  BUT SERIOUSLY WHO CARES!!!!  I am going to be a mom soon!!!  Ben and I have always worked hard to hold our relationship in high priority.  We cling to one another in the most extreme situations and love spending time together.  We are ready for this baby!  We are ready for our life to be turned upside down and to learn how to navigate through this new phase together. We were ready 3 years ago when we started trying; we were ready when Taryn was born; and we ARE READY to get Luke home NOW!

Pray for patience for me 🙂 clearly I need it!  hehehe


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  1. For so long, I’ve been that person who reminds you about patience, peace, and trust. You’ve been that same voice for me over the last two years. But here, now, with only the home stretch in front of you, I’m going to be the first say it’s ok! You and Ben have earned the right to be impatient. Your road to this new chapter has been longer and more difficult than any other I know. I’m right behind you, hon. Hurry up, Luke! We can’t wait to meet you!!!! (sending my love, and a prayer for that last bit of patience you’ll need to get through the next few weeks.) 😉

    Love Jen


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