Could it be?

Keep us in your prayers!!! I think this could be the week!

A’s belly dropped last week, and last night she called to tell me about some changes her body was going through that typically signal a delivery is coming soon…like in a few days! And, this morning she woke up with a really sore lower back.

But…..of course it could all be just coincidental too!!!! It’s like when your finger hurts and you aren’t sure why so you google it only to find out, that everything points to a tumor! :). It’s so hard to pinpoint symptoms sometimes but, the biggest symptom she has is she “feels” like he is coming soon! God didn’t give us women intuition for noth’n!

Anyhow we are all packed and ready w/ clothes and snacks!!


2 Replies to “Could it be?”

  1. We are so excited!!! Thanks for keeping us all posted in what is happening. I go in for my 5th treatment tomorrow and I must say all the excitement and happiness for you two keeps me going. Love you two and we know all will go well for everyone. Love J&J Tick-tock tic-tock (:


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