Clearly the last 2 weeks were not “the weeks” to welcome Mr. Luke!

I can’t believe we have 5 more days till A is due!!!

We have everything set and ready to go. We are ready. Our house looks like we have everything a new-born will need. We look like people who are going to be bringing a baby home any day now. Yet, I do not fully believe we will be bringing a baby home.

I have zero concern that A will change her mind. I know that Luke is the child God has hand picked for us to raise. But with everything we have gone through my brain is conditioned not to fully imagine him home with us. My heart is conditioned not be disappointed when things don’t go as planned. So, my excitement is reserved. I am as excited as a mom can be after experiencing so much loss. If I had to measure it…I’d say on a scale of 1-10, I’m at an 8.

Today I sat in Luke’s room drinking a cup of coffee and rocking in the rocking chair…and I was thinking 1) how much I adore his room and 2) Wow! How blessed we are. I can not believe how faithful God is. I was so afraid that we were not meant to be parents. I was so afraid that even adoption was going to leave us empty handed. I struggled to even trust God to work in our adoption for fear he wouldn’t allow us a child. I still held out hope though…how could adoption be a bad thing? We are good people who want to raise a child to know Him. God designed us to be parents after all…right?

Things have happened and worked out so perfectly that only God could have made it happen. We are not just “lucky”…we are blessed to experience His grace. He doesn’t promise an easy happy life, but He does promise to always take care of us. Blessed, is exactly how I feel. Overwhelmed by His grace, leaves my heart so full it feels as though it might burst!

We only have a handful of days left, please keep us in your prayers!
-We need safe travels we are driving 5hrs one way.
-We need clarity while at the hospital. Even though we have worked out a birth plan with A, this is all new to everyone and we just want it to go smoothly.
-All nerves will be settled and we would all be calm.
-Safety for A. Besides delivering early with her last pregnancy, she had some complications during the delivery and she is nervous of a repeat.
-A healthy and happy Luke!
-And last but not least, continued prayers over the rest of the adoption process. While we have no fears that we won’t be bringing Luke home, that doesn’t mean satan won’t try and and put some road blocks in our path.

Thank you everyone!


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  1. You have our prayers and good thoughts for your upcoming future, Janelle and Ben! I know that your parents are waiting to be grandparents! Happy Days!


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