Life with Luke

1st let me say…I know I’ve abandoned you! I have not posted one single thing about Luke! I am guilty of thinking I would actually have the time and energy to blog every detail! Ha! I always write late at night, and now that I’m sleep deprived writing is absolutely not on my list of things to do. Not to mention, most days I can’t remember if I have showered yet and what my name is.

Luke is doing great…we have been dealing with the nightmare that is formula and trying to find the one that his body likes best. His doctor finally said he had to go on Nutramigen as he is not tolerating the dairy in formula. (Are you sure I didn’t birth him???) So for his 1st 5 weeks the longest he would sleep would be 2 hr increments. I. Was. Exhausted. Once we got him on the Nutramigen, he started sleeping! Hallelujah!! Then….he started having breathing problems while sleeping. And this mom does not do well with breathing issues. So…back to the doctor he went…diagnosed with reflux! The doctor he saw was not his regular Ped as he was out of town. And she went with a very very very non-aggressive approach…did I mention VERY non-aggressive? So, as time has gone on we are getting more and more concerned with his reflux and the side effects of the medication she has him taking. Sooo back to the doctor, his doctor, we go tomorrow to get this whole thing properly dealt with.

Luke is an amazing little boy. Besides all the tummy troubles he is so mellow and easy going. At his 5 week check up he was 11.11lbs…85% for weight! This little boy, no matter how bad the formula is hurting his belly, is thriving!! He loves his mommy, yes I’m biased….he whips his head around when he hears my voice, and usually if nothing is making him happy all it takes is for me to hold him and he settles right down. I pretty much have him memorized and can usually tell just by the sounds he is making exactly what he needs…and sometimes I think people think I’m crazy. He’ll be making a certain sound and I’ll say, oh he’s tired. Hold him in your left arm tight, put the pacifier in his mouth and pat his butt. And sure enough…2 min later he’s asleep! Or he will fuss and I’ll say oh he needs to burp…and sure enough he will let out a man sized burp. (Poor kid…I think his burps are more manly than daddy’s!).

Ben has taken to Fatherhood without any hesitation. It’s as if he’s always been a dad! What a blessing it is to have a husband who was not afraid of “breaking” the baby. Since the moment Luke was born he’s been right there feeding and changing dirty diapers! We’ve always made a great team and parenthood has been no exception. Right now Bens’s favorite time with Luke is right after his bath. I give him his bath and get him all clean and smelling delicious, and then hand him off to Ben for cuddling, a bottle, and then falling asleep for the night. (Sometimes for both of them πŸ™‚ ).

I’m still at home with Luke, and will be for the next 2 weeks. I go back to work in February, and I am not thrilled. I can’t imagine being away from him. But thankfully we are able to keep him home and we have some very eager and excited volunteers to help us out! But, that does not make it any easier for me. 😦 The other thing is…I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through the day with out sleeping in or taking a nap!!! I’m hoping once the reflux is under control Luke’s sleeping will improve as well. It also doesn’t help that my most favorite times with him are rocking him at night when he wakes up to eat. Lately I’ve been falling asleep in the rocking chair…which is not helping the sleep deprivation at all!

We are loving our roles as parents and still trying to find our rhythm, which I’m told never really happens cuz kids like to keep you guessing! Luke has brought such an unspeakable joy to our lives and we are constantly pinching ourselves to make sure it’s all real!

Well, I’m off to go “dream feed” Luke so I can go to sleep! I promise I will try harder to be a better blogger!

Here’s my current favorite picture…again I can’t believe I didn’t birth him! He sleeps exactly like his daddy!!



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  1. Hey you special parents, I Love those cheeks!!! Keep up the good work for Luke is so blessed. Janelle thanks for sharing Love Jeanie


  2. oh my, so glad you blogged. I was getting antsy for a picture or something. Gosh, he is precious. Hang in there, friend. Connor had reflux bad too. That nutramagin might as well be liquid gold—taken from the college fund? ha. So sorry. Be persistent—you’ll get it worked out and the older he gets, the better it will get. That constant exhaustion won’t go on forever and you will feel like a real human being in no time. Sounds like you’ve got the mom thing down. What a lucky little guy he is. Hugs!!


  3. Anyone who has been a parent doesn’t expect a thing from you for at least a year, Janelle! It’s sort of like thank you notes following your marriage: you have a year to respond! Get some sleep and know that we all care and understand. Anything you post is “gravy”… Blessings to you!


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